The Team

Jacquelyn Lloyd, MSA, SHRM-SCP -
Jacquelyn Lloyd, MSA, SHRM-SCP - CEO



We help leaders reimagine leadership and talent practices by providing strategies and programming that improve team performance, employee experience, and business results.

I'm Jacquelyn Lloyd, an HR professional with over 20 years of experience helping leaders transform their teams and organizations. I've worked with senior leaders to develop their vision, build employee and organizational capacity, and achieve the desired results in unionized and non-unionized settings. I'm particularly drawn to the innovative spirit of the consumer packaged goods industry, where I've worked extensively. I love helping organizations strengthen their culture, especially during times of change such as acquisitions, integrations, and reductions in force.

I have developed my outcomes-focused, culture-based approach over my years of service as a labor negotiator, mediator, and CHRO. This experience helped me test effective employee relations, conflict resolution, and talent management strategies.

In 2020, I launched my agency which serves all kinds of clients, primarily those within the CPG supply chain. As a CEO, I understand the challenges and opportunities of running a successful business, which is invaluable when providing HR advice and guidance to clients.

You can learn more about my background here. When not working with clients, I enjoy traveling, cooking, spending time with my dogs and family, and contributing to industry publications.

Jonetta Willard, SHRM-CP - 
HR Business Partner
Jonetta Willard, SHRM-CP - HR Business Partner

Jonetta is a highly qualified and SHRM-CP-certified HR Professional with over ten years of experience in the human resources industry. She has worked in various environments, including distribution, retail, and the public sector, gaining valuable knowledge in HR compliance and best practices, performance management and counseling, talent acquisition and retention, leave management, and HRIS.

With a passion for helping managers become better leaders, Jonetta specializes in performance coaching and counseling. She has proven expertise in driving employee engagement, managing conflict, and creating a positive work culture. She is also an expert in leave management, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and supporting employees through the leave process.

As an experienced CPG insider, Jonetta has successfully supported union and non-unionized environments. She uses her skills and knowledge to coach managers to respond to their team's needs, creating an inclusive and supportive workplace. With a client-focused mindset, Jonetta brings it all together to help clients reach their goals, and her expertise in leave management and performance coaching is second to none.

Jennifer Nichols, Ph.D. , Senior Consultant
Jennifer Nichols, Ph.D. , Senior Consultant

Jennifer is a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in strategic communications, organizing campaigns, and labor-side relations. She excels in helping leaders mobilize people, including employees, clients, and collaborators, by aligning their communication with their actions. Her expertise spans a wide range of communication areas, from style guides, employee handbooks, and job ads to spokesperson coaching and rapid-response strategies.

Working closely with senior leaders, Jennifer ensures that their internal and external communication accurately reflects their values and objectives. She brings a wealth of experience from her work with local, national, and international non-profits, as well as her experience leading campaigns for two national unions. Jennifer holds humanities degrees from Boston University, Syracuse University, and Michigan State University and earned a certificate from Cornell University’s School of Labor and Industrial Relations in 2005.

Jennifer's expertise in strategic communications, organizing campaigns, and labor-side relations is second to none. She is passionate about helping organizations achieve their goals by creating effective communication strategies that resonate with their audience. Whether it's developing comprehensive style guides or providing spokesperson coaching, Jennifer helps clients communicate effectively.