Coaching can help you live your best life on your own terms.

Do you feel "stuck"?

Are you unsure of what you want next?

Are you ready for the next stage in your career?

Do you often stay quiet for fear of what others will think of you?

Are you engaging in behaviors that are taking your further from where you want to be?

​Do you struggle to get out from under your "to-do list?"

​Do you want to keep growing personally or professionally, but time, money, or fear are holding you back?

so, what do you want to work on?

Feeling anxious, burnt-out, overwhelmed, or just stuck? You're not alone!

Learn to manage your mind, and everything else will fall into place. No matter what issue you are struggling with we can help. Learn how your brain works and allow us to coach you as you discover how to challenge your thinking to increase your effectiveness in not only your work life but in every aspect of your life. If you're ready to do things differently for yourself, your life, or your career, then let's talk!


  • Getting started on something
  • Stop doing something that's not benefiting you
  • Career
  • Clarity on your goals and aspirations
  • Balance and calm
  • Increased energy
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater self-belief in your decisions and choices
  • Improved sleep
  • Money and financial confidence
  • Better boundaries

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3-month package

Need a boost? Let me help you get past that hurdle or heading in the right direction. This package offers one hour of support each month, in a one-hour block, or to use as needed. 

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6-month package

You've done all the research and made the lists, but still, you can't seem to take action towards your goals. Our brains are wired to keep us safe and comfy. But, where is the fun in that? Do you dream of more? Even if you're not quite sure what that is? We'll work together for 6 months in this package, starting with a two-hour exploration of your goals, thoughts, and actions. Then we'll work together for five 90 minute sessions thereafter to bring those goals to fruition.

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Teams are the unit of effectiveness. Providing coaching in leadership behaviors can support your team in getting to the next step and teach them the tools they need to work with their counterparts. Get your employees rowing in the same direction with team coaching.

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if it were effortless, everyone would be living their best life

It takes effort to understand how your brain works and how to best utilize what comes to us naturally. You're worth it.