Are your Managers equipped to:

  • Coach high performers and help underperformers exit the organization with care.
  • Set Team and Individual Goals, measure productivity, and hold employees accountable?
  • Do they give meaningful feedback to improve results?
  • Do they know how to develop their people?
  • Do they need help moving into management or overcoming imposter syndrome?


Today, forward-thinking leaders recognize that delivering a great Employee Experience (EX) dramatically improves their company's ability to attract, retain, and engage employees. Therefore, people Managers play a critical role in the Employee Experience.

Our Core Courses are available in-person or via Zoom.

  • Manager Training
    • Leader Lab - Mastering the 6 Leadership Competencies
    • Coaching and Corrective Action
    • Legal Interviewing and Selection for Managers
    • Quick Start for New People Managers
  • Effective Communications
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Distributed (Remote) Workforce Planning and Management Training
  • Dispute Resolution Training