The former senior vice president of HR at a $1.5-billion distribution company, Jacquelyn has more than 20 years of experience in helping senior leaders develop their vision and plans to build employee and organizational capacity and create lasting results in both unionized and non-union organizations.

Jacquelyn coaches ambitious leaders and their teams by teaching clients the models, tools, and brain science that will help them reach their big goals faster.

Jacquelyn earned a Master of Science degree in Business Administration at Central Michigan University and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and French at Michigan State University. Jacquelyn is SHRM-SCP certified, a SCAO Qualified Mediator, and IIRP Certified Facilitator of Restorative Practices.


A 15-year veteran of strategic communications, organizing campaigns, and labor-side relations, Jennifer helps leaders mobilize people – employees, clients, collaborators – by aligning their talk with their walk. From style guides, employee handbooks, and job ads to spokesperson coaching and rapid-response strategies, Jennifer works closely with senior leaders to ensure their internal and external communications reflect their ethos and advance their goals.

Jennifer holds humanities degrees from Boston University, Syracuse University, and Michigan State University. She earned a certificate from Cornell University’s School of Labor and Industrial Relations in 2005, has led campaigns for two national unions, and has worked as a strategic communications consultant for local, national, and international nonprofits.