Contract Negotiation Prep Workbook

Get ready for workplace negotiations and feel confident sitting at the table, knowing you've done your homework. After dozens of successful contract negotiations, I've finally compiled all of my best prepping practices into one workbook.

Well, three actually 🙂

  • Individual

  • Union

  • Company

With these workbooks guiding you, expect to make better decisions, feel more satisfied with your outcomes because you knew what you wanted and needed!

Launching a diversity, inclusion and Belonging Program

New to DIB Programs? This four-step primer for integrating Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging in your workplace will get you started on your learning journey.

Managing a Remote Team

Managing Remote is ideal for current managers, executives, and human resources professionals who want to learn how to lead and support a high-functioning, scalable remote team. Using best practices from all-remote organizations; Managing Remote will guide you through:

  • Assessing and prepping for remote work readiness

  • Challenges and adjustments in managing a distributed team

  • Evaluating performance, morale, and success

  • Process adaptation

  • Establishing culture and values for distributed teams

  • Developing a transition to remote plan